Sales Made Simple

Sales Made Simple

Everything you need to run your profitable farm store, farm market booth or delivery/drop site program.

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Farming Is Easy — Selling Is Hard!

You know just what to do when fences break, bad weather is forecasted, or slugs get in the lettuce.

...but you're totally overwhelmed when it comes to setting up an online store for your products, taking credit card payments and handling the cash register. 

Babies born in the middle of night during a snowstorm? No problem, you're a pro.

...but when it comes time to sell the cow you butchered last week, what's the best way to sell it? How are you going to find buyers? 

Setting up Your Farm Storefront Shouldn't Be so Hard

When I started farming 10+ years ago, there were plenty of books and resources on pasture management, feeding practices, and animal husbandry. But when it came to actually selling my product and making a profit...I was stuck. Nobody seemed to agree on anything.


Sales Made Simple

Everything you need to run a profitable farm store, farm market boot or delivery/drop site program

Sales Made Simple is an online training program for farmers who are looking for inspiration to create their own on-farm store, streamline their sales process, confidently increase in-person sales, and more

Meet Your Instructor

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This course is for farmers looking to bring more customers in their storefront

Whether you sell at farmers markets, make deliveries, or have an on-farm store, this course guides you through the set-up process from the ground up.

Make More Money & Work Fewer Hours

You're exhausted and running in 5 different directions. Discover how to streamline your sales process so you can make more sales without adding more responsibilities to your plate.

Get More Customers in your Storefront

Attract new customers with sales psychology & basic marketing methods. Be inspired with tips to create an attractive, welcoming customer experience. 

Confidently Interact with Customers

Finally you get some customers in your storefront...but what do you say to make them buy? This course guides you through sample conversations that naturally lead to sales. 

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Sales Made Simple

13 Step-By-Step Video Lessons • 30+ Page Resource Guide & Workbook • 6 Expert Interviews

Sales Made Simple is completely online. You can work through the lessons at your own pace and view them over and over again.

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Module 1 | Streamline Your Sales

Stop running ragged & make a bigger impact with less work.

  • Lesson 1: Make More Money & Work Fewer Hours
  • Lesson 2: Simple Payment Methods to Track Storefront Success
  • Lesson 3: How to Hire Awesome Employees (and manage them without stress)

Module 2 | Create a Customer Experience

Attract new customers + keep your current customers buying more by embracing your unique story. 

  • Lesson 1: How to make an Amazing First Impression
  • Lesson 2: Build your On-Farm Store
  • Lesson 3: Stand out at the Farmer's Market
  • Lesson 4: Effective Deliveries & Dropsites

Module 3 | Double Your Sales

Evaluate your current sales process to discover how you can increase sales with your current customer base.  

  • Lesson 1: Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Lesson 2: Overcome Customer Objections
  • Lesson 3: Make it Easy for People to Buy from You

Module 4 | Sell with Confidence

Overcome customer objections and encourage current customers to buy more product. 

  • Lesson 1: Sales Psychology
  • Lesson 2: Customer Interactions
  • Lesson 3: Setting Customer Boundaries

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Who the Course Is For

Sales Made Simple is designed for all farmers — new or experienced!

This course is for farmers who...

  • are struggling with information overload and want a clear path to a successful storefront taught by an experienced farmer
  • sell direct-to-consumer and are looking to expand their profits & farm by reaching more customers

This course is not for farmers who...

  • do not sell direct-to-consumer: if you're a commodity grower or sell everything wholesale, this course may not be for you
  • are uninterested in meeting with customers directly: this course will show you how to connect deeply with customers 1-on-1 so if you're not willing to talk with people directly, you won't have success in this course 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this course focuses on the steps you need to run a storefront, such as taking payments, speaking with customers 1-on-1, and sales tips to bring in more customers. You must research the legal issues that are specific to your state on your own.

No, there is no group associated with this course. 

Yes! You're welcome to email me anytime during the course for feedback. PLUS, I'll hold regular Live Q&A video calls where we can dive deeper into the course material. 

While this course does include some basic marketing tips to get more customers, it's mostly focused on the day-to-day interactions with your customers and how to run a storefront. If your'e looking for a complete, holistic marketing strategy, then my signature course, Farm Marketing from the Heart, will be better for that. 

No, you can watch the video lessons at any time that works for you! It's completely at your own pace. Once you buy the course, you can log in whenever you want to watch videos & download the course materials. 

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Sales Made Simple

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