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There's a lot of misinformation about creating marketing for your farm - I'm clearing that up in 1 day


What you should be doing on your website and social to make MORE sales.


Learn how to craft marketing pieces that inspire people to do what you want - buy, sign up, reserve 


 The mindset you MUST have that will make your marketing work (it's not what you think.)

Trying to improve your marketing when you think it's not working will keep you:

*feeling stuck, not knowing what to write about 

*feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to start 

*Not making consistent sales

*Wasting hours and hours of time looping on thoughts about it instead of doing it

*Feeling like it's not good enough when you do get it done

Reinvent Your Farm Marketing is clearing all that up

Reinvent Your Farm Marketing 

In this free event, we are building the foundation of your farm's marketing, your ability to make money, AND your confidence. This event will be filled with teaching and coaching so you can leave CLEAR on how to start creating compelling marketing that connects and creates desire in your customers to buy from you at the price you need to charge.

LIVE coaching with Marketing Expert and Certified Coach Charlotte Smith

  • LIVE coaching with Marketing Expert and Certified Coach Charlotte Smith 
  • An opportunity for you to present your marketing for coaching AND watch others get coached which will apply to you, too.
  • Apply my "Power of One" marketing rule to your marketing for immediate improved results.
  • Limited time replay sent out the same day

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About the Instructor...

Charlotte Smith is THE Marketing & Mindset Coach for Farmers.


Named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Food and Agriculture in the World, Charlotte now teaches farmers how to build profitable farms using mindset & the latest marketing strategies.


"I emailed our customers repeatedly to sell our hogs with no success. You reviewed my sales email during Farm Marketing Week - I sent it out the next week and sold 2 hogs. I then immediately used that money to sign up for your year-long coaching program!"


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Limited time replay sent out the same day

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