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Does it seem like the world is overwhelming and scary right now?

The coronavirus outbreak is stirring up lots of anxiety, frustration, fear and worry. Whether you're worried about selling out on all your product and not having anymore, or you have no sales outlets now (and no income), feeling overwhelmed about having kids at home unexpectedly, or getting mad at others in your life and how they're handling things, I'm here to help.

I'm offering a free coaching webinar on Tuesday at 9 Pacific teaching you how to apply the coaching tools I use to any situation you're facing. Whether you get coaching or whether you watch others get coaching, you'll learn how to use these power tools to shift waht's happening in your brain in real time.

Tuesday, April 7th

 9 am PT 

11 am CT 

12 Noon ET



we'll send out a replay of the webinar to those who sign up - so if you aren't able to make it, I still recommend registering in order to get the call replay.


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