Introducing 5x Your Farm Sales

A 12-month marketing and mindset program for farmers, designed with everything you need to build a profitable farm that supports the life you want to live.

This program is designed for busy farmers - I lay out clear steps for you to follow even while you're managing a time-consuming farm and life.

My clients learn to sell out in one week. That might be $15,000 in sales. $25,000 in sales. And even $100,000 in sales - using this proven process I've created over the last decade.

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"After taking this program I sent one email and sold out in 12 hours. Previously, I had to send months of sales emails. This frees up so much time and eliminates so much stress and anxiety"

-Elaine Vandevir

Love being on the farm, but need the farm to make more money?

You're not alone.

More than half of all farmers have lost money every year since 2013.

6% of dairy farms shut down in 2022.

98% of farmers go out of business by year five, usually after investing their whole life savings.

This is not the future you want for your farm.

I understand.

Like most of my clients, you love farm life, but:

  • You don't love sales and marketing
  • You'd rather deal with cows than people
  • Too often you're selling your farm product at cost or at a loss
  • You're having a hard time balancing the needs of the farm and those of your family, much less yourself
  • You should probably increase your prices but you're afraid you'll lose all your customers
  • Trying to figure out how to keep the farm going is stressful, overwhelming and possibly paralyzing.

How do I know?

I grew up on a farm, working up to 12 hour days as a kid. 

But at the age of 14, I watched our fifth-generation family commodity farm go bankrupt and we lost everything.

It was embarrassing and shameful, and when I went to college, I thought there was absolutely no way to make money farming.

But after working in corporate and having kids, I went back to try again.

I started a farm again because I wanted my kids to have the childhood I grew up with, riding horses across the fields and climbing on the haystacks.

What was the difference this time?

I was determined to figure out how to grow a profitable farm.

First off, after growing up on a commodity farm, I decided that I wanted to sell direct-to-consumer.

Also, I worked in marketing and communications after college and thought that maybe, I could be successful if I could bring my marketing skills to my dairy farm.

It worked.

I was able to sell out my product and have a customer waitlist before I even brought home my first cow.

I had so much success on my farm that industry conferences started having me come speak about what I was doing differently on my farm.

I've now transitioned away from producing because I'm focused on my mission to help others grow profitable farms while working fewer hours so they can keep their farms and enjoy the lives they envisioned when they first started. Building profitable farms have changed my clients' lives and it's possible for you too.

How would 5xing your farm sales change your life?

My clients have reported being able to multiply their sales anywhere from 2x to 10x, and it changes everything. They've reported being able to:

  • Take action in ways that actually grow their farm rather than feeling like they're spinning their wheels
  • Quit working on the farm in time to have family dinner every night
  • Retire from their day jobs so they can farm full-time
  • Take their families on vacation
  • Have better relationships with their spouse, kids, and employees
  • Be less overwhelmed and have less anxiety
  • Sleep better at night
  • Live more balanced lives and feel healthier without all the stress they had before
All this is possible for you.
"I could talk about what this course has done for our farm for HOURS. Ha! Seriously, we've gone from zero customers to hundreds of customers in a very short amount of time, all thanks to this course."

-Lori Jo Hernandez

Here's what most farmers don't realize

Most farmers don't realize that mindset is a critical key to their success. Don't believe me?

Here are the top beliefs farmers often have about running a farm:

  • "Farms are a labor of love, so I don't expect to make money farming."
  • "It's hard to make money as a farmer."
  • "People don't value [insert farm product here] where I live."
  • "I don't deserve to spend money on myself because that money should go towards the farm."
  • "Customers won't buy if I raise my prices."
  • "If I raise my prices, I'm going to feel guilty about charging too much."

It is any surprise that so many farms don't make it? None of these beliefs help you grow a sustainable farm business. In fact, I created this program because I was teaching farmers how to do everything I'd done, and it wasn't getting done because they kept feeling guilty about making money.

Getting mindset coaching is a critical part of this program and you're going to go further, faster the more you take advantage of it.

You can't have a profitable farm without a profitable mindset, so let me give you this one thought before we work together:

The more profitable your farm is, the more you can do for your family and your local community.

Let me help you 5x your farm sales.

Chances are you started a farm because you love farming too. Perhaps you're hoping to passing the farm down to the next generation.

But most farmers know everything there is to know about improving the soil, but not enough about getting a healthy profit margin for all their hard work. 

If farming is feeling more stressful than sustainable, the answer isn't a better website, a different location, another breed of animal, or even a different spouse.

You need a clear roadmap to profitability and support so you can execute along the way.


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5x Your Farm Sales is designed to give you the roadmap and the support you need to make your farm successful

This isn't my first rodeo. I've been teaching marketing and business principle to farmers like you and I've seen that farmers go further when they get something most farmers don't - mindset coaching.

That's why 5x Your Farm Sales includes:


One year access to my best marketing and business courses

You'll learn exactly what to do next to grow your farm, step-by-step


One year of weekly mindset coaching calls

Every week, you'll get the support you need to build a mindset for success with our live coaching call on business & mindset.

"I have a $40,000 degree. This program is worth many, many times that. I made 60% more income this year alone."

-Beth Carver

Here's What's Inside

Watch the video below for a full, behind-the-scenes tour!


You'll get everything you need to increase your farm sales.

Along with your weekly group coaching and access to a supportive community, you'll get my three foundational courses. This will allow you to do more on your farm with better time management, structure your farm business for more profit, and sell your product faster and with more ease.

Advanced Marketing Strategies


  • This is a comprehensive video resource library of "before" and "after" evaluations and improvements of real farmers' marketing materials: videos, emails, subject lines, blog posts, social media posts and more.
  • You can use every example and copy it for your own marketing.

Master Your Time, Master Your Life


Between our farms, our families and ourselves, it is too easy for us to feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. That's why you'll get my course on time management, Master Your Time, Master Your Life.

You'll learn:

  • The way your brain works to keep creating overwhelm and how to make it stop
  • The one reason why most schedule plans fail and how to avoid it
  • The mental shifts you need to make to increase your productivity and your free time
  • BONUS: Coaching call recordings to help you address the specific beliefs keeping you stressed and overwhelmed

Sales Made Simple

Once you've learned to make time management work for you, you'll get everything you need to make your DTC farm sales profitable.

This includes:

  • How to choose a storefront method that works for you
  • How to create a customer experience that increases loyalty and sales
  • How to sell with confidence and use principles that help you love talking to your customers again
  • BONUS: How to turn sharing your farm life into a profitable experience


Plus one year of weekly coaching support!

I'm not kidding when I tell you that the coaching is going to get you further, faster. In the weekly group coaching, you'll get the chance to address the thoughts that are holding you back alongside a supportive group of fellow farmers who understand exactly what you're going through. You'll also get access to all past recordings that you can refer back to anytime, anywhere, whenever you need the reminders.

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"I wish I had started coaching with Charlotte at the beginning of the farm season, instead of waiting until I was in complete overwhelm. I feel so much more calm and capable of handling the unexpected now. This is the very best investment I’ve ever made in myself or my farm and I would encourage everyone to do it."


Hi, I'm Charlotte Smith.

I'm a mom, farmer, speaker, author, podcaster, marketing expert, a life and business coach, and I love using all of those experiences to help farmers flourish and stay in business.

So much so that I've helped over 10,000 farmers become more successful, increase their profits, and finally, have the farm life they’d dreamed of.

If you're considering taking the leap and working with me, I hope you can see that I've left nothing out in creating a program that will get you results.

I'm proud to say that my clients have multiplied their sales up to ten times over, while living with more ease and enjoyment.

And if you are willing to show up and do the work, you can do it too.

5x Your Farm & Life Planner


Here's What People Say

"Thanks to some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned in this class, we SOLD OUT of Thanksgiving turkeys about two weeks ago. Have done *ZERO* social media marketing of the turkeys! Email marketing only."


"We have been in business for 2 seasons. During that short window, I have watched several other farms start up, then close down, because they were not making any money and didn't have a plan. Where I watch the members of this group bloom and grow daily. If you want to surround yourself with creative high achievers, this is the place."


"Since I've changed our website, we get a TON more traffic to our website. And we got reservation deposits on beef & pork before I even sent out emails! More raw cows' milk customers & our goats' milk has a waiting list."


"Coaching with Charlotte has helped me transition from feeling powerless in my life to feeling more in control and gaining the ability to make conscious choices about the direction I am going. There is more focus and so much less guilt! It feels so freeing to let go of limitations I had placed upon myself."


"I no longer feel as guilty or responsible for the things that are not in my control. I no longer feel that I am constantly overwhelmed. I feel so much more capable of handling the unexpected now. This is the very best investment I’ve ever made in myself or my farm and I would encourage everyone to do it."


"I have had so many light bulb moments during our coaching sessions! It’s really been a joy working with you, Charlotte. I am feeling much lighter, happier and more able to handle things that I would normally struggle with in the past."


"After taking the course for the first time our sales increased 300% over the prior year."


"I've sold out of eggs 4 weeks in a row, even with the increase in eggs from our new pullets. This without having to be 'pushy' or sounding desperate."


"We made a milestone yesterday---a $1k market day! Would not have been able to do it without this course."


SAVE $100 on Full Pay


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What you'll get with your 365 days membership:

  • Weekly group coaching calls for one year to help you create marketing, manage your struggles, goals, negative thought loops, etc.
  • Access to Advanced Marketing Strategies- weekly marketing coaching calls and my signature marketing program
  • Access to Sales Made Simple & Master Your Time - Time management course.
  • 5x Your Farm & Life Planner
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What you'll get with your 365 days membership:

  • Weekly group coaching calls for one year to help you create marketing, manage your struggles, goals, negative thought loops, etc.
  • Access to Advanced Marketing Strategies- weekly marketing coaching calls and my signature marketing program
  • Access to Sales Made Simple & Master Your Time - Time management course.
  • 5x Your Farm & Life Planner
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